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  The Magnum Sales System 

Custom Software For Liquor Agencies

Software Downloads: 



Click on each of these files to Download them to a floppy disk or to a flash drive, then copy them into the "C:\MAGNUMSS" folder on your Sales Computer, over-writing and replacing the files of the same name. All four of the files will fit onto one blank floppy disk. DO NOT TRY TO USE A VERSION 2.5 FILE ON VERSION 2.0. Bad Things could happen......


Version 2.5 Bug Fixes - Latest as of 04/29/2013

  • SALES1.EXE- REVISED 02/11/2013 11:28am - Class H SLT & SST fixed.
  • PR_LBL1.EXE- REVISED 04/29/2013 8:26pm - Beta Update - MUST be used with TAGPR1W.EXE below.
  • TAGPR1W.EXE- REVISED 04/29/2013 7:04pm - Beta Update - Must be used with PR_LBL1.EXE above. These two files are a set pair.


Version 2.0 Bug Fixes - Latest as of 08/23/2012 

  • SALES20.EXE- REVISED 6/12/2012 11:28am - Fixed problem with large quantities on sales screen not wanting to enter. Previous Category 98 and Category 5 tax fix is included. This file is for a previous version of the Magnum program, (Version 2.0) and if you want to use it with version 2.0 you must rename it to SALES1.EXE for it to be recognized. 
  • REPORTER.EXE - Fixes error message in Sales Report and other small issues. REVISED 06/12/2012 11:30am - If you downloaded this file before 06/12/2012 11:30am, you need to download and install this newer version to eliminate the Error #6 - Overflow message and incorrect liter totals on page 3..
  • PR_LBL20.EXE - Fixes shelf tag layout misalignment that occurred on some printers. Increases the number of shelf tags per sheet from 21 to 24. This file is for a previous version of the Magnum program, (Version 2.0) and if you want to use it with version 2.0 you must rename it to PRLBL1.EXE for it to be recognized. 
  • ORDER1.EXE - The Order module is now compatible with the new database formats. You can now create an order within the Magnum program, edit it on screen when it arrives, and then post it, without having to manually enter the new quantities. 
  • INVMAINT.EXE - ADDED 08/23/2012 8.03am -This patch corrects a couple of small calculation formula errors and programming logic errors in the Price & Markup Calculator that were causing the suggested selling price to be approximately 2% low. 

CONFIG.SYS - Required for Version 1.74 and later using Windows 95, 98, and 98SE. It will download as CONFIG.EXE. Rename it from CONFIG.EXE to CONFIG.SYS, then Copy CONFIG.SYS to C:\ on the sales computer and re-boot. Version 1.74 and newer MUST have this CONFIG.SYS file in C:\ or the program will not run.

Magnum Sales System UPDATE CD

Version 2.0 

Click Here To Buy the Magnum Sales System UPDATE CD Version 2.0

Get the very latest update CD disk mailed directly to your door. This disk will install the very latest versions of every single program file for the entire Magnum Sales System. The CD starts the installation automatically when you insert the CD into the drive.  Updating to the latest version couldn't be easier! 

The price for the Update CD (Including shipping and handling) is only $99.95 + tax.

Note: This is an Update disk. It will not install the Magnum Sales System to a computer that does not already have the Magnum Sales System installed and functional. 

Lexar/MagAero Flash Drives and Driver Disk

Two Lexar/MagAero Flash Drives and a floppy disk with the drivers for using the Flash drives with Windows 98SE  (Second Edition). 

If you have the Magnum Sales System Version 1.74B or newer, you can now update your prices each month using the flash drive instead of a floppy disk. Using the flash drive on your Windows 98SE computer will allow you to copy files and even entire folders full of files from one computer to another.

These flash drives will work only if your computer has a USB port (socket), and is running Windows 98SE or newer. A floppy disk drive is also needed to install the drivers. 

These flash drives will work on all versions of Windows newer than Windows 98SE,, including 98SE, ME, Vista, and Windows 7. Drivers need only be installed once for windows 98SE, and do not need to be installed at all for versions of Windows newer than 98SE. 

The secret to getting Flash drives to work with Windows 98SE is all in the drivers, and the drivers that come with these flash drives were specially modified by us to work seamlessly with the Magnum Sales System and Windows 98SE.

The price of $19.95 includes sales tax, shipping, and handling. No hidden charges. 

                          Click Here To Buy the Flash Drives & Driver Kit

All orders are usually shipped out the same day if possible.

Last Update to this page was 04/29/2013